miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009


Where and how to send your compositions:

Please include your name or nickname followed by your level: Ni2 on the top left-hand corner of your doc.

Make sure you’ve made the necessary corrections following your teacher’s notes

Send it to the specified e-mail address:


The subject of your message should be: About Obama. Gema’s Ni2

You don’t have to write anything in the message, just attach your document to it and send it. Someone ( Teacher Michelle, the creator or our web, will upload them in a flash)

You’ll see your compositions published here in a few days:


Podcasting, a new experience for many:

I’m posting a selection of some interesting and useful podcasts that you can ( and should) download and listen to on your mp3s or mp4s, or even mobile phones…

Remember: listening to English daily will improve your skills loads.


You can listen to mp3 files on the sites suggested by clicking on the audio symbol OR if you want to save the file and listen to it later on your mp3 player you should follow these simple steps:
1. right click
2. save target as ( guardar destino como)
3. save the audio in a folder you have previously created
4. HERE'S A TIP: include the name of the site in the folder when you create it, just in case you want to find it easily later in time.

In most cases you can subscribe and receive the podcast episodes on a regular basis, most sites explain how to do this. Here’s an explanation by Michelle on how to use Itunes here: http://talkingpeople.net/tp/audio/podcasts/0subscribing.html


The ones I have selected for today’s class can be downloaded directly through the basic right-click procedure explained above.

English Learning podcasts:

A classic you can’t miss: BBC English

Lots of interesting sections to improve your English


ESL podcast blog:

This is a great site with very well graded listening material and learning guides


ELLLO podcast:

Another incredibly good site, it has a very well organized layout with many topics and the possibility to choose the level and the accent you want to listen to:


Learning English with The Linguist


Splendid Speaking: most learners love this one!

Here you can listen to real students and other people in English being analized by teachers with practical advice on how to improve oral skills


The podcast for word lovers :

A great way to expand your vocabulary in English


From NPR, to help writers with grammar:


Listen to the news in English:

NPR radio offers a wide range of categories ( displayed on the right menu in blue) . AmE


you can try this one from the site, it’s related to the environment:


From the BBC:


From 24 Dash News:

American English, short and easy to listen


OTHER PODCASTS THAT I ENJOY (and I’m sure you will as well):


You’ll enjoy the topics and will notice how easy it is to listen and enjoy science related podcasts ranging from brain research to home-made experiments. This is one of my favourites. (British English)



DJ Chris Reardon podcasts a three-times a week radio programme where he talks about different everyday topics in a British English accent, he uses the language of ordinary people in the street, very different to the BBC English and perhaps a bit more real. He talks about personal experiences and aspects of British society and day-to-day in London and Great Britain in general. This podcast is intended to native speakers, but many learners have found it useful and LOTS OF FUN! This is one of my favourites, I‘ve been listening to Chris for three years now and I had the pleasure to meet him in person two years ago in London.


This is all by now. I’ll expand the list of podcasts in time. I’ll also be glad to receive your suggestions, if you find anything interesting in the podcasting world send it to me to :gemadecelis@hotmail.com