martes, 28 de noviembre de 2006

Pronounciation of -ed endings.
Go to:

for those of you teaching kids:

Baa baa black sheep and others
you won't always be able to download here but you can listen and learn the songs.

In the site belowyou can download books FOR FREE but only temporarily so you'd better hurry up.You can use the flashcards only if your students can't read or write (ask me about this in class).You should click on the arrow to go to the free download centre.

Elmo's song (from sesame street) downloadable. You can do a google search for the lyrics:

the farmer in the dell: listen and repeat after the singer:

is the link to the song 'imagine' . This was requested by Faustino, a very good student from primero

you can read the lyrics here:
Thank you all for your posts and suggestions. I'm sure this is going to be an interesting way to communicate, learn and enjoy ourselves!!

lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2006

Beyonce rings the alarm. Please don't be too sorry for her when she says she won't have that house by the coast any more... What do you think about this song? Do you know the word SEXIST?
the lirycs for this song are in here:

I really like the part where it says:
The moment I wake upBefore I put on my makeupI say a little pray for youWhile combing my hair now,And wondering what dress to wear now,I say a little prayer for you
here's an interesting song by Aretha Franklin. Hilarious lyrics.Please try: